Monday, May 2, 2011

Forever in my ♥

I want to thank everyone for ALL the LOVE, messages, support, texts, prayers, thoughts you have shown me and all that knew Tiff over the last week, it means a lot to me. She has touched so many lives and she continues to do so. Tiff's service Saturday was beautiful. It was up in Coalville and the weather was a lil snowy but the day ended so beautifully with the sun shining. I had the honor of speaking at her funeral and know she was there listening, in fact I am certain of it. I stayed pretty strong my voice wavered at times but I got through it, with her help of course. Tiffany definitely lives on in all of us that knew her and through out all of our hearts. Life can be tough at times and it's in those times where it makes you even stronger. I am blessed beyond measure and am so thankful for everyone in my life. Lots and lots of LOVE! Xo

My Tribute to Tiff
This all still seems so surreal to me. I still find myself wanting to send her a text or hear that one of a kind laugh.

Danny, Kate, Lynda, Crystal, Meghan and Tynj’a you’ll be forever in my heart. Tiff Loved you all SO much and Crystal she loved Charly, Chayden and Chandlyr so much she loved being an Aunt and every time she talked about your girls she would light up. She loved all her family and friends and would do anything for anyone no matter what. One of her favorite things to do in life was to give and she gave us way more than she ever knew was possible. She touched so many lives and so many hearts and I believe she will continue to do so.

Tiff was the life of any party she was such a free spirit. She lived life to the fullest, she loved life and always made every breath count. She said her vice was to laugh and boy did she ever. She was always making me laugh even in her hardest times last week she was still cracking jokes.

I am so lucky to have known Tiff and I know that I am a better person because of our 21 years of friendship. We were kindred spirits her and I. We have so many amazing memories and I am sure all of you share some as well, focus on those right now. It’s no surprise to me that thru all the great memories she still is making me laugh and smile.

I have to tell my fav story of Tiff and I …. We were at Primary at the same time with rooms right next to each other, I think we were around age 12. She was doing a oral glucose tolerance test and was sick of getting poked for blood draws, so we decided to hide. They kept calling her over the loud speaker and we were laughing so hard. We ended up down in the cafeteria and some guy came up and asked if I was Tiff I replied with no I am Somer then Tiff said and I am Angela it just rolled off the tip of her tongue. Our nurse eventually caught up with us and we got grounded to our rooms and from each other for the rest of that day. However the nurse didn’t know we had walkie talkies ;) Tiff had to redo her oral glucose tolerance test, which just goes to show she’s always done everything on her own time.

I believe Tiff  LIVED more than anyone could in a whole lifetime in her short 30 years. She LOVED everyone. And now my sweet Tiffer can Breathe. She was a perfect example of our mantra Live,love,Breathe Not only did God get an amazing angel on April  26th but so did all of us. I know she’s smiling down at us right now and sending us her love.

Tiffany I miss you already so much, our late night talks our starbucks runs,  Football season isn’t going to be the same with out our hundreds of texts back and forth during the U games, but I know you will be cheering on the Utes trust me they are going to need some heavenly love ;) I am so glad I got to see you last week and it took all my power not to run in your hospital room and give you the biggest hug ever. One day when we meet again there will be no cross infection and you better prepare yourself for the BIGGEST hug ever.

I am grateful that you are no longer struggling, its just hard to believe you are gone but trust me Tiff you’ll NEVER be forgotten you will live on in all of our hearts. When you crossed that CF finish line you definitely earned your angel wings. You were so strong and so very brave. In your honor Tiff I am staying strong and I promise to continue to fight this fight even harder. I know you will make sure of that! Breathe easy my sweet CF Cyster. Xo infinity

I just LOVE this photo of her thanks Darren for taking it.
photo by Darren McQuade
Tiff is wearing this necklace for eternity 


Emily Empey said...

Somer... You are so strong! I love this tribute! Very sweet and all is very true! Tiff was amazing! She will be greatly missed!

Emilee said...


The Halls said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad you both stayed so close throughout the years. You're a wonderful friend. Take care!! xoxo

Josh said...

Beautiful words that describe all facets of true friendship and love. Thank you for sharing them. We are privileged.

srmedley said...

That is such a beautiful tribute to Tiff. I am so sorry I missed the service for her, I'm sure it was special. Tiff certainly was one of a kind and did do things on her time.
Love you Somer!

Nikki Jones said...

Somer that was absolutly beautiful. I didn't personally know Tiff but I saw her many times in the hospital and I know Spencer knew her. But even though we didn't have a personal connection she was talked about to highly by everyone and I could just feel the love she had in here reading your tribute. I wish I would have had that chance to get to know her. Thanks for sharing.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Somer what a beautiful tribute. ((hugs)) I know your heart is heavy but your angel is watching over you. Keep her memories alive and strong in your heart.

Sharlie Kaltenbach said...

It is perfect Somer. Perfect. So beautifully written and I'm sure delivered. I love you. Hang in there.

The Ross Retreat said...

Somer... Wow what a tribute. Tiff was so amazing and is dearly missed. Miss you tons Lisa