Monday, May 23, 2011


So there was a tie for the Healthy Home book...

So the proud owners of the book are~

~ Kirsten Miles she is a new CF Momma she has a lil guy that was just diagnosed. So stop by her blog HERE and give her some LOVE!!! Below is a pic of her and I at Great Strides last Sat. She is already so active in the CF community and determined to make a difference. She found out about the walk the night before and was there with a team and even had cute shirts! Way to go Kirsten!!!

~Whitney Miller a good friend of mine and the proud Mom of to cute boys. She has been trying to detox her house in every way possible. So this book will def help her and give her some new simple tips for a Healthy Home.

Congrats guys!!! Ill contact you so that we can either meet up and I can give the book to you or I can send them to your house.

Hope everyone is having a great Mon.

2 more days til 32ubular :)


Mistie said...

so cool som. so happy you could connect and help candace's sister and brother-in-law. you really are such a great support to so many. love you...

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats what a difference this book and your CF knowledge will make a difference in these young families lives. 2 days woot woo! Happy days!