Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lil bit of this and that

Busy being busy!!!

Holy Cow it's May 17 and it is snowing... Ugh I am so ready for it to be warm!

May has ben SO crazy and jam packed full of events, Mother's day, CF events, Great Strides, Graduations, Not to mention May is also CF awareness month and My Birthday Month!! Woop Woop I Love May!!

8 more days and I will be 32ubular :) For those of you that aren't aware I LOVE my bday and every year is a theme this last year I was 31derful! So crazy to think I am going to be 32 but so very AWESOME!! No hiding my age here!! Nothing bugs me more when people say they are 29 when really they are 41 or when they say they are younger then they are. Be proud of your age people!!! Be proud of your wrinkles!!! Every year is a privilege!!! If you are 50 say you are 50, be proud of it not everybody gets to be 50. And for all you botox junkies embrace those wrinkles you earned them each one tells a story. I'm not sure where or when getting older became such a faux pas?!?!

Lilly is stitch free but still has that bald patch on her, it adds even more character. She and Oscar are hilarious. They are seriously the best entertainment, we even played Hide and go seek the other day...too funny!

My friend Sharlie is doing a 30 day challenge where she is including some Healthy Home tips from the Book Healthy Home.

I just started reading it and am loving it, I am doing little steps here and there to make my home more healthy. Follow Shars blog HERE and start making your home a healthy home too. For the first person to visit Shars blog give her a lil comment and take a tip from her suggestions and instill it in your own home I will send you a copy of this book. Make sure to comment back here too and let me know what suggestion you chose and that you visited her blog. Sharlie loves this book so much she sent me a a copy and a couple extra copies to help spread the word, so stay tuned for more ways to receive this awesome book. Who doesn't want a healthier home!?!?!?

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their week and this fabulous month of May!



Formerly known as Frau said...

Easy to embrace 32 try 45!! lol! No I agree I think wrinkles tell a story! But I'd turn back time if I could!! Hope your Birthday next week is as fabulous as you are!!

Kirsten said...

I just added yours and Shars blog to mine! I love her healthy home tips and hope to get her book... hint hint lol! I love hearing how people/kids are doing that have CF and you guys are two to look up to!

Erin said...

Right on Cuz! Nothing drives me crazier than when people complain about their age. So excited for your birthday!!! Wish I could be there!

preppyplayer said...

Thinking of you as you approach your ...gulp...32nd year!
How can that be?

Miller Time said...

Oh my Somer! I would love a copy of this book. I really try to clean healthier in my house. I use microfiber cloths that don't need chemical sprays, I wipe down counters with a mix of water, hydrogen peroxide and lemon essential oils. I would love to learn more :) I have left a comment on your friends blog too. Thanks for sharing.

Katelyn said...

I totally agree with embracing age! I look forward to fine lines and aging because I know so many people that were unable to have fine lines. I like your outlook, Somer!