Friday, November 21, 2014

She Did It!!!

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That is the link to my FB page. I posted the whole video of Drae doing her very first sinus rinse there. Hooray!!! She did it!! I'm so proud of her... we attempted her very first sinus rinse and she conquered it like a rock star!! There were some tears at first and she was unsure but she wanted to do it so bad. She was a lil nervous it would hurt her owie that she got the day before on the playground. But it didn't and after the first couple of tries she was doing it ALL by herself and she was so proud of herself, she was even a lil sad when the sinus rinse was all gone. I think my favorite part is when she tells Suz "see I told you mom" of course and her wanting to do it together! I just adore her, she melts my heart. 

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