Thursday, April 3, 2008

♥Hard Candy♥

YAY!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!  Madonna's new Album "HARD CANDY" is in stores April 29th.  You can pre-order it now onAmazon. Her first single to be released is titled 4 minutes, featuring Justin Timberlake. 4 minutes is available on itunes now!!!


The Cliftens said...

Yeah! Blogging buddy! We definitely need to get you a good background. Let's for sure try and get together next week. If you make the trek up here I will take you to lunch and we can work on your blog. :) Love ya

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

OMG another Modanna fan? No way!
okay you asked about the hearts on my blog...I didn't know how to do them either...(still dont) soI copied and pasted them from some other blog and pasted them where I wanted them on mine...go ahead...copy and paste mine all you want! I hope this little trick works for you! Good Luck =) copy and past these!


Jessica said...

Somer, I found your blog when I was reading Nat's. You look great! what a great little blog.

Love the pugs!


Sharlie Kaltenbach said...'ve got a blog now!! Welcome to the blog world : ) I've subscribed to your blog so I'll be catching up on your life regularly! It's awesome that you are so involved in the C.F. scene... I am speaking tomorrow to promote GREAT STRIDES. We have a team walking this year...Sharlie's San Diego. It's so great to read the stories of people with C.F. who are fighting just like us and are staying strong. Isn't the Vertex news so great?! I got chills when I read the press story! It's COMING!

Cara said...

Are you just as excited about New Kids On The Block reuniting this summer!? :) Hehe.

Meier Family said...

Soooo glad I found your blog! You dogs are so dang cute! I am coming to visit from 4/14 - 4/31. We definitely need to get together! Hope everything is well with you! Thanks for always being so sweet!:)