Monday, April 28, 2008

May issue of Elle

On news stands NOW!!!!! Tomorrow is the big day Hard Candy, Madonnas new album hits stores! I can't wait.... I pre ordered my copy from I tunes so I think I will be able to get it at Midnight YAY!!! 

Today is suppose to be in the 70s again so I am going riding on the vespa. I did take it out yesterday it was fabulous it was the first time this season I didn't have to wear a coat. I had a sweatshirt on and when I was stopped I was a lil toasty. Once the light went green though the cool breeze was refreshing. Summer is right around the corner :)


Jack Phillips said...

Midnight??? It's only 10pm and I am listening to mine. So far pretty fantastic!

Crystal Sargent said...

Somer...It's Crystal, hey this bloggin is so much nicer for me, and I am glad I found yours. It makes me so happy that you get out there and get involved. I wish Tiffany had more energy so she could do more. She has been being quite the traveler though lately! SPoiled! So how are you? What can I do to get involved? I want to do something. I have never got tested, but luckily neither of my babies have cf, how lucky am I!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

Yep! I think I was the first one in my town to go out and buy Hard Candy!!!! Yeah!!! I thought of you while I listened to mine...actually each time I hear it in my car you are in my thoughts. I should call it my "Somer Love" CD...LOL