Thursday, April 10, 2008

Prayer Request...

Please take a second and say a prayer for my friend Will

He has had some complications with his recovery and is back in the ICU and getting some help from the vent. It's just a lil bump in the road, he is so strong and he will get through all this and it will be so worth it!! His family is by his side and his mom is the most positive person I know! Terri, Tom and Will you are all in my payers!

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Will's family said...

Morning Somer
What great pictures you have up. Are you always that happy???? I love your attitude toward life. I wish you could spread it around to all the sour pusses in the world.
Every time you walk in the room, you just change the feeling, it's kind of like sunshine. Yea, that's what you are-sunshine. Now I can sing "You are my sunshine" if you want, but trust me, you don't want. I am still spreading your magazines around. I have finished them all but now I am letting the nurses up here read them on their breaks. They come into the room and get one and then bring it back. See how much your giving has helped everyone? when Will gets over this little bump, I will call you and we can do coffee or something, ok? Thanks for the prayer requests for Will. You are so sweet. Hope you're feeling better and better.
Love ya lots