Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best thing since sliced bread

I usually shave the babies but I didn't in July and I haven't yet in Aug, I have been using the FURminator. It is AMAZING!! Oscar loves it which is funny because it is usually hard to get him to try anything new, and it really works... Lilly doesn't mind it but it is not her favorite. However, she doesn't shed as much as Osc and her coat is a bit shorter. I think I will go back to shaving them in Sept. I chose not to since they are in the sun so much and shaving them increases their risk of skin cancer and Lills doesn't need anything to increase her risk.

If your looking for a good doggy brush this is the one throw out all the others after you get this there's no going back.

The FURminator Medium deShedding Tool (2.65” wide deShedding edge)

Reduces shedding up to 90 percent by removing the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat

This tool is recommended for medium dogs and cats.
• Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb or rake
• Works great on all shedding, long and short-haired dogs and cats
• Brings out the pet’s natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny topcoat
• Reduces the amount of airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people


Cara said...

I'm definitely going to get one! You wouldn't BELIEVE how much Shiner sheds! Ick!

B, E and C's Mommy said...

Okay...hilarious! Last time I brought Gabbie and Bo to the spa we had the FURminator done on Bo! Bo is our boxer and he is VERY full of personality, so the FURminator was a very fitting name for his spa day! :)

Miller Time said...

I need the FURminator! My girls shed soooo bad. Where do i get one?

Heidi said...

I love the FURminator! Roxy; however, does not like it so much. It does work great! I have noticed, even though we've switched dog food a fair amount of time in the last few years, that since Roxy has been eating the Pinnacle dog food, she is not sheading nearly as much! It could be because it's summer though. Anyhow...i've rambled. GO FURminator!

niki36 said...

Yesss I love the FURminator, too!! Brooklyn sheds something awful and I use it all the time!

Kellee said...

Slime loves his!! He just snorts and grunts and does this dumb butt wiggle the whole time lol!

♥Lisa and The Pug Posse ♥ said...

I have that for my Pugs and it is Awesome...you can stuff a pillow with the fur it takes off!

Aimee said...

I use the FURminator on my cat and I LOVE it. The cat though...not so much. haha

Leah said...

We have the FURminator and love it!! I think Oscar feels like he is getting a massage when I use it!