Monday, August 10, 2009

Merlot Nasal Cleanse

Geez I have been having a rough time lately, first the grout then the tree. Well then last night I had a glass of wine and I can't remember if I coughed or if it went down the wrong pipe, all I know is it went down wrong and came back up out my nose. It was an awful experience, I couldn't breathe for 5 sec. Believe me 5 sec when the twins already have a hard time with the whole CO2 and O2 exchange seems like an eternity. So I made some weird nose ran to the sink and started splashing water on my face and blowing bubbles in the water with my nose. My dad ran over to me thinking something was terribly wrong and then had to chuckle when he realized I was just being my dramatic self. I blew my nose and it was purple. My glass of wine had floaters in it. I know TMI but it really cleared my passages :)

Then I am sitting out on my patio and I have been getting bit by mosquitos lately. So I got some citronella candles. Well I am not a candle expert, and when I saw 2 mosquitos come close to me I picked up the candle to have them get a whif and my right pointer finger was right on the glass where the wick was. Needless to say I burnt my entire finger tip pad, I don't think I have a finger print on that finger anymore. Of course its a glass candle and my first instinct was to drop it well I couldn't, not wanting to break the candle or the table I just spent hours on. So I carefully placed it down as my finger was melting. I ran inside and poured soy sauce over my burn. Soy sauce is suppose to take the sting out, I learned that in Taiwan. It seemed to work but it was pretty sore, burns are so horrible. Well today my finger is numb it almost has a callous over it probably cause I wash my hands 345,098 times a day and I don't believe in lotion. So I basically just burnt dead skin... you know that feeling when you get super glue on your fingers that's what it feels like, like a poured super glue all over my tip of my finger... very bizarre!

Good news tho... today is a new day and I am hoping after all that my stars and planets are going to start agreeing with each other again!

Wed is a BIG day Granny Love turns 100!! She is the cutest, feistiest lil thing.

The Babies are so good when I sit on my front porch they just chillax right there with me. I am training them and they are both doing such a good job with it, it's a lil harder for lills tho. They sit at the top of the stairs and look out its so cute!


Kellee said...

Im sorry you had a series of unfortunate events!!

For a new day!


Formerly known as Frau said...

Sorry I had to laugh Merlot out your nose..too funny! Sorry about your burned finger, no laughing there. My sun burn from NJ is still bothering me and it's been almost two weeks.

Amy said...

Jeez woman! Hope that you don't hurt yourself today :)

The pups are adorable and so is granny :) Happy 100th!!!!!!!!!!

Mistie said...

WOW! You have been struggling lately. Sounds like my life. I sware that is SO me. Sorry GSB. Hang in there!
I'll have to remember the soysauce thing...interesting

Heidi said...

Grandmas looks so young! And...girl...I am glad I wasn't drinking a glass of wine reading your post...I would have shot it up my nose also! LOL! You actually sound A LOT like me...I am a walking train wreck at times. Hang in there. I am proud of the poochies!

Erin said...

Hm. I had never considered cleansing my sinuses out with merlot. Now, I'm fairly certain I won't EVER do it! Sorry it happened, but it did make for a funny story.

And I love the new header on your page (is that what they are even called?). Did you do it yourself?