Friday, August 7, 2009

Wind,500lb limb and grout...

OH MY!!!!
So grouting is the hardest task I have ever done, well maybe not the hardest but definitely the messiest!!! What a day I had on Wed. I grouted my table and managed to get the grout ALL over my front porch tears were shed in fear that my front porch was ruined. I called OJ (my mom's BF) trying to figure out how to clean off grout well he came to my rescue. Then my mom came over and we were all working on getting the table finished when I was stricken with heat stroke. Note to self do not grout and work in 98 degree weather in the direct sun. So I had to go inside with ice packs drank saltwater and gatorade. The table is done and my porch isn't ruined ;)

Then had some guys cutting down trees in the property behind me and I thought how great if they could get this limb off this dead tree, that is destined to fall the next wind storm. So I showed the guy the tree and the barely there limb he said it wouldn't fall and if it did it would just fall on the empty property so not to worry. Well we had a short burst of wind come thru sure enough that night and *SNAP* goes the 500 lb limb right onto my fence and into my yard. Good thing it didn't fall on my babies are knock down my fence. It did break the fence a bit but OJ fixed it pretty good.

All grouted
That spot on the top was where
This branch use to be


Kellee said...

Holy cow that limb is huge!!
Table loos awesome!!!

Jen said...

The table looks awesome Somer! I don't have a crafty bone in my body. Its very cool that you can do things like that! :)

holly said...

Looks AWESOME. Can't wait to see it in person! Grouting is messy Jason makes it look so easy, then I try it.... what a mess! Haven't seen you forever, hopefully soon! The porch looks great!

Mistie said...

LOVE the grout job. We actually grouted our other houses tile floor. it is a mess! good job doing it yourself! Also, that tree branch is as big as a tree!! glad you and your pups weren't around!

preppyplayer said...

beautiful table! Your bracelets finally left today- they were deep in my truck from my last gig.

I think it is kind of psychic that you just asked about the branch in case it should fall... and then it does.
You have intuition girl!