Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eye Opener

"Sometimes we're so busy worrying about what will kill us, that we forget how to truly live"

I saw this on Face Book and had to re post it on my status and here. I needed to see this!! I have been a hermit lately due to the whole swine thing. No thanks to the media and the fact that it's everywhere! So I cut myself off from all forms of media. I still have not been able to get the vaccine. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to get it. Fingers crossed! So only positive healthy thoughts, washing my poor 90 year old hands, purelling like crazy, sporting masks in overly crowded areas and gargling with salt water, sinus rinses and lots of hot drinks and with all those precautions the swine can kiss my A** ;)

I have a lil sinus thing going on and am not liking it one bit how does a hermit get sinus troubles?? I started TOBi on Mon so maybe that brought it out who knows. I can guarantee you tho I am fighting it with full force it doesn't stand a chance! By the way I love gargling with hot apple cider vinegar. I swear it helps break stuff up in the sinuses maybe TMI but I got a couple petrified plugs out when I did this the other day :) Gotta love getting rid of plugs!

I have been painting a ton!! I have been branching out and experimenting a lil having a ton of fun with it. I'll post some of them on here. Today I'll leave you with...



OceanDesert said...

Did you ever end up going to the football game??! Picturing you getting your shot tomorrow so you can join the oink oink club!! ;)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the painting! Stay healthy !

Aimee said...

I loved that status too! I saw it a few times on Facebook but yours with the "Somer twist" was the best :) haha

I need to start gargling with apple cider vinegar. As you know I have been having sinus issues too and have been doing everything to get rid of them!

I love the painting!

And if you could pass some tips my way about painting (type of paints etc) that would be great. I have had this feeling for years now that somewhere inside of me is the painter dying to get out! haha Sounds crazy but I will never know until I try! :)

Stay healthy and looking forward to our Starbucks date next month!

P.S. My lil bro and his wife just got a pug adorable!

Lissa said...

Fab painting Somer! You know I love it.

When I have sinus infections I boil the apple cider vinegar in a pot and breathe it in. Keep your eyes closed! But it always gets things popping for me.

Rosie got the pig mist today! My fingers are crossed for your shot too.

Miller Time said...

Love your new painting and your thoughts on life :)

Mistie said...

love the new art! (cant wait for you to do mine) and so happy you found a vaccine shot. And thirdly, LOVE the quote! SO true! But honestly i dont blame you for being paranoid. And fourth, Love the mask! And i couldnt leave out FIFTH, Love YOU!

Katey said...

I LOVE THAT PAINTING!!!!!! I so want alll of them :)

Glad you got the swine flu shot. Praying that your sinuses are doing better!!!