Sunday, January 3, 2010

A look back just for a second….

Highlights that I can remember, it's harder than you think to remember all that happened. But here are some not in any particular order~


Had 2 billboards up for the BIG 3~0

Only went in the joint once for a clean out after 18 months on parole

Taste 09 was a HUGE success

Lissabird continues to grow her Love to Breathe line and we have more amazing ideas to come

Lissa helped me get my Ever go

Need & Torp in the same state

River was born in June

Sleepovers with my McNoodle

Hanging with my Cyster Shar

Meeting my Cyster Sara in Az

Coffee with my Cyster Aim

Basically all my time spent with my Cysters!

Snuggling and loving Oscar and Lilly

New Madonna Album In September

Finally after being in the swine line for 8 hrs tops got the shot

Beeph and Torp singing ONE at my bday

Meeting Emily and riding our vespas together

Az in April

Raising awareness for CF on the news and in the newspaper

844 Christmas dinner

Game nights

Christmas and New Years this year!

I guess it ALL boils down to spending time with my AMAZING family and friends!!! Overall a fab year!!! I am SO excited for 10 so far I have loved every single second of it!!


preppyplayer said...

Girl! I finally answered your question!
Go here to see-

Jamie said...

You are really quite amazing! You inspire and help so many. I am lucky to count you among my friends. 2010 will be awesome for you, you'll make sure of that :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an awesome 2009 (yes, I was about to put 2010)

I hope 2010 rolls right along like 2009 did.