Tuesday, January 12, 2010

White fluffy crap...

Its not clouds its our air... Oh yummy! I went up to the U today to pick up my aztreonam my Ever Go is getting some good use, had to wear it just in the 20 min I was in the car.

You can see the top of the mountains but then underneath all that pollution there is the lovely city I call home...

This particular pic is taken above tall downtown buildings funny you can't even see any buildings they would be on the right hand side.

Tomorrow there is a storm pray its strong enough to blow this crap out!

Last night on the news they showed the top 5 cities with the worst air and Utah had 4 out of 5 the 5th one was Phoenix.

Still on house arrest and have a lovely O2 headache from my 20 min jaunt.

Babies are in heaven they love when I am on house arrest.

I am running out of projects... ok well not really I could always organize, clean. Don't tell anyone but I resorted to watching the bachelor yesterday for the second time ever. I couldn't stop watching it was like a train wreck are those girls really serious? I can't believe that show has been on has long as it has. I know a lot of people LOVE it and that is great, just don't ask me to come over and have a bachelor party ;)

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! Enjoy your fresh air :)



OceanDesert said...

I think most of Phx's bad air days are in the summer when it's so hot. BUT it's gorgeous now!!!

Hope the storm blows that crap out soon!


The Cliftens said...

On the wings of love, only the two of us together flying hiiigghhhhhh..

Formerly known as Frau said...

I hope the storm is a big one and blows that crap out! OMG you watching TV and crap TV to boot! Paint!!!

Candace Miles said...

You know you want to come to my house for a Bachelor party. You have to admit that it is really entertaining and Michelle is your fave. Too bad Rozlyn is a slut! I have Sadie doing a nebulizer treatment for her croup right now. How in the world did your parents get you to do breathing treatments as a kid?

Josh said...

Hope the air clears up. ;-)

BTW - Don't watch TV like that. The only way to stop it is to not watch! Stay strong...Don't get sucked in!

Anonymous said...

You mean you watched the Bachelor and your TV is still in tact? HA! I always tell my Mom that, because she hates how some of the Women are on there.

I always remind her that we only have 1 TV (besides my own) so. . be careful with it. HA!