Friday, February 3, 2012

L-U-V Madonna!!!!

Yahoo!!!! The Big "Madge"ical news I was talking about yesterday....

I just pre ordered MDNA! Is it March 26th yet?!?!??!

Most of you know I LOVE Madonna. It's an exciting weekend for ALL Madonna fans.

*Today you can pre order her MDNA album the deluxe edition... Check

*You can buy her Single Give you all my Luvin featuring Nicki Minaj an M.I.A.... Check
 I have been listening it to it ALL morning on repeat!!! I love it! Can't wait to get the whole album.

*And you can go see her film W.E about Wallace Simpson that she directed. Well that is if you live where it is playing. I am so bummed I can't find it anywhere in Utah :(

Then Sun finally a halftime worth watching Madonna will be performing. I cannot wait!!!! Woop Woop!

So what are you waiting for go get on Itunes and buy "Give me all your Luvin" and preorder MDNA :)

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Formerly known as Frau said...

did you watch her on Anderson Coopers day time talk show? Can't wait to see the half time show!