Sunday, February 5, 2012

Madonna ROCKED it!!!

Seriously?!??!?! SO amazing!!!! I was screaming, squealing, singing, dancing, peeing in my pants, and coughing with excitement!!!! She was amazing!!! She rocked it!!! NO one and I repeat NO ONE will ever top that performance!

I have watched it over and over again thank goodness for Tivo!! I am still on a serious Madonna high! I can't wait for her tour!!! I hope you all enjoyed it too! L-U-V Madonna Y-O-U  you wanna!!!! Xo


Formerly known as Frau said...

Loved it....and I totally missed the MIA mishap the news is all over it! Seriously don't let this shadow the best performance in history!!

Sydnee said...

I love you, Somer Love!!!!

Jenny Livingston said...

I agree- INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE! I've watched it at least four times today.

Also, I nominated you for a blog award! :) You can see the details here: