Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm it!!!

Ok so I have putting this off for quite some time now.... I have been tagged by some great friends and I need to fulfill my duty and try and come up with 5 facts about my self that are pretty random that you may not know..... This is harder then you think!

#1 So you all know I am a mom to 2 adorable pugs Oscar & Lilly and they are so spoiled! But my latest idea that I think I will complete by the end of this summer is to make my guest bedroom into a  doggy room I want to put 2 toddler size beds in there and have their pics on the walls and then put one of my favorite quotes on the wall "The pug is proof that God has a sense of humor" The walls in that room are a light mintish green so I am trying to come up with something that will be unisex for them both. Without having to repaint.

#2 I think my worst fear is bees.... Knock on wood I have never been stung but I seem to attract them. Once I found one sitting on my shoulder and it was with me for about 6 min and stayed on there even when I went back indoors. Of course I didn't know it was there or I would of had a minor heart attack. Someone was so nice to point the lil guy out to me that is when I went into panic mode. 

#3 I have a list of a 100 things I want to complete before I die.... I recommend everyone make one it is so great to actually get to cross the items off, better then any to do list. They actually just made a movie about this called the bucket list, which I recommend. Anyways this might be a shock to many but the number one thing on that list is to not only meet Madonna herself but to also get to know her. I did have a dream last week that we were best friends so who knows it could happen.

#4 Another goal I had after completing high school was to be famous well I went to Utah State and trust me I wasn't going to get discovered in Logan Utah. So I am not sure how it came about but my dad new this producer in LA that arranged for me to do a screen test with Sage Stallone (Sylvester's son) we filmed it at Sylvesters house and the scene called for a kiss but I chickened out and we fudged it a bit :) Needless to say my career never took off.

#5 hmmm 1 more???? So I love Disneyland. I try to go every 3 years..... My favorite ride is Splash Mountain!! I am so excited for the next time I go I really want to stay in the castle. They just recently put a room on the top of the castle where tinkerbell lives. Can you imagine when the park closes you are still going to be inside. SO cool can't wait for that!! 

Phew... Ok Shar, Sara, and Cara I hope I met your expectations :) !!! That was a struggle. I tag Tanya, Erin, Natty and my GSB

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