Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breathing on her own with brand new lungs!

She is AMAZING!!!!!!! At 10:05 PT this evening, Sara took her first free breath with her new lungs! The Respiratory Therapist pulled out the breathing tube, she gasped and coughed and spit -- and she was on her own!

Her throat is still very sore, and she doesn't have much voice, but she's able to talk a little bit. No fluids allowed, so she's only able to have her mouth swabbed out with some sterile water to try to refresh her. And she's still in quite a bit of pain from her sutures and chest tubes (and surgery!), but is handling it all amazingly well (as any who know her would expect)!


Katelyn said...

I accidentally deleted - I'm so sorry! I figured I would write a new one today when you had typed another entry. I would love for you to link my blog on yours. Would you mind if I did the same? I'm so glad we found each others blog!

Mistie said...

that is SOOO amazing!! I can't believe she got new lungs!! I love how far we've come with medicine, etc... these days. YAYYYY!!!!