Sunday, November 23, 2008

12-0 BCS here we come!!!

Well Sat was the big game.... Utah vs BYU I think it could possibly be the biggest rivalry ever!! In this state you either bleed RED or you bleed BLUE! I am so proud to say us UTES kicked some Cougar butt!!!!! 48-24!! I went with My dad and bros, we tailgated before the game and then after we kept with tradition and celebrated at Macools a lil Irish pub. I am so excited, we are headed to a Bowl game I am really hoping for the Fiesta bowl which is in AZ. I am due for a trip there soon anyways. New Orleans is a possibility and so is Florida, so keep you fingers crossed it's AZ we find out Dec 7.

During the game... kicking some butt!
WE WON!! It was pretty cold. The coat I am wearing is floor length basically a sleeping bag
Nice face Shane!
Me and my boys minus Oscar... 


OceanDesert said...

FUN! Did all of you guys go to the U of Utah? Hoping it's in AZ and you can escape the cold for a little bit!

Katelyn said...

I looks like you guys had a blast!