Sunday, November 16, 2008


I got tickets last minute to NKOTB. I asked my friends if they were available from 6 Sat night on and if they were in for a surprise. I didn't give any hints just asked if they were in or not. It was so much fun. I LOVE to surprise people!! So on Sat night 16 of my girls met at Epic for dinner and they were still eagerly anticipating what I had up my sleeve they were trying to guess left and right....there was some crazy ideas :)

Finally After Dinner we headed to the Venue but I still didn't let them know what we were going to do there. On our way there I sent out a mass text saying WE GOT THE RIGHT STUFF... WE ARE GOING TO NKOTB!! Everyone was so excited! It was such a great time! The last time I saw them in concert I remember wearing my neon green socks with purple keds!  

At dinner...they were guessing left and right
We had SO much fun!
I think I had the most fun tho pulling off the surprise!

Pics from the concert! We had great seats!

Having a blast!
Tam My SIL 
They couldn't even handle it that they were about to see Joey and the gang!

Step by Step...

After the concert with our ears a ringing we went out on the town...
Wendy joined up with us out on the town~

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Jen said...

I LOVE NKOTB!!! Unfortunately I couldn't talk my husband into going with me! :)