Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Las Vegas Show

So Perez went to Madges show on Nov 8th Sat night in Vegas and he got to meet her back stage after the show he posted a video Sat night and commented how she plays the guitar to much in her shows. Well he went back to her show on Sun night and this is what she had to say!!! I HEART Her!!

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OceanDesert said...

So, I have to tell you my dream last night... Madonna was going to perform at a high school but then canceled last minute and so they asked me to "fill in" for her... I was terrified the whole day... cuz I knew I looked nothing like her, didn't know the songs by heart, etc. I was JUST about to call u to ask if YOU could do it cuz you had the hair down and know ALL of her songs I am sure.... when they decided having someone try to impersonate her might not be such a good idea... ah, I love dreams!