Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy 1/2 Bday to me!!

6 months and I will be the BIG 3 0!!!

I had the best 1/2 bday a girl could have. I celebrated a couple of days ago with some great friends that got me 1/2 a cake. Then on my 1/2 Bday Nov 25th I went to lunch with my rents and we went to The Porcupine for some apricot, my favorite. I got 1/2 a $50 dollar bill and my dad says I get the other half in May, I also got 1/2 a card and 1/2 a candle. You are probably thinking who celebrates their 1/2 bday but this year is a big milestone so I figured I could celebrate 6 months and on til the big day, May 25th. I can't believe I will be 30 I am so excited!! I love that all my fam and friends are willing too. But Bdays mean a ton to me and I always find a way to make them a HUGE deal! Like my BIRTHDAY-BIRTHDAY when I turned 25 on the 25th some of you may refer to it as your golden birthday ;) Well that year I was thrown a Giant surprise party and I had Disneyland fireworks where you have to push a button to detonate them. For the BIG 3 0 I am hoping to get Madge to participate we will see....

After lunch my mom and I went to the mall so I could find the Pugs not drugs Tee Lise... but I had no luck :( Then I went for sushi with some fabulous friends and Jen was celebrating her real Bday we are 6 months apart. After sushi we hit up the town. I had so much fun PP4 EVA!!! Here are some pics from my fabulous day...

My 1/2 cake
Love these girls
My 1/2 a $50 and 1/2 card
The best Rents in the world!! Thank you for having me 29 1/2 years ago!!
Jen is 30
Erika & I
Happy 1/2 Bday to me!!
03 or 30???
6 months apart...
Whip cream!!
JOB well done!
Having fun!


Cara said...

Happy 1/2 birthday!!! I LOVE birthday's too! Looking forward to celebrating my 27th with my TX friends in 2 weeks! :)

Jack Phillips said...

Oh to be 30 again... Birthday's are a huge deal for us!! My family threw a huge surprise luau for me on my 30th. If Madge is coming to yours you have to invite me, or I will just crash.

Christy said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Somer!! The pics are awesome!! Love, love, love the 1/2 cake.. what a cool idea.

I spent my 30th bday in the hospital. We had cake for the entire floor and my friends came down. It seems like eons ago!

Genevieve said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday!! Looks like you had an awesome time... :)

Glad you're feeling well! FEV- woot!

Mistie said...

I love that you celebrate your 1/2 bday!!! Everyone needs to do that. Why not?! My 1/2 is coming up Jan. 6th. YAHOOO!! Anyhow- Happy 1/2!