Friday, November 14, 2008

The Love to Breathe Award

Last year at Taste, I was honored to receive the first annual Love To Breathe Award named after me. So now this is something that we give out every year. I presented this years award to Carol Wood. She is an Exceptional Soul who I had the pleasure to meet almost 30 years ago. She started in the CF clinic here in Utah in 63 she retired in 92. Over the years she became very close to all of the patients and was more than just a nurse she became part of all our families. This award was long over due and well deserved. I was so glad to be a part of her special night!

I am calling Carol up on stage she had no idea
Carol with her award and her girls

Me giving her a Love to Breathe necklace
Me putting the necklace on her


Aimee said...

oh my gosh! I remember Carol! I loved her =]

Jack Phillips said...

Carol is like the greatest ever. It was so great to be there with her and see her shock and excitement.