Monday, November 10, 2008

The big ?

Ok so I have so much to Post about Taste.... Its going to be a couple posts. I will tell you that it was a HUGE success! I am the luckiest girl in the world I have the best support system in the world My family and friends are beyond amazing!!

The big ? was how to wear my hair??? I curled it last year so I wanted to do something different but still pretty fancy... Well I decided since I was still on my Madonna high from just seeing her 4 days before the big event, I thought I would channel Madge and do my hair like hers. The whole night people were telling me I looked like Madonna... Of course I was loving that! :)

Here is a pic can you tell who is who??

By the way I am wondering is anyone else experiencing on blogger when you upload pics they are embedded rather then being able to see which pic is which??? Let me know...


CrazyMonkeyHouse said...

Is it switching your view over to HTML after you upload or are they showing it in the non-html "compose" window as well?

Aimee said...

The same thing is happening with the pics for me. It's not letting me choose have them as html or to have them just show up.

Anyways you looked great! Wish I could have been there. Katy says you looked so pretty =]

The Halls said...

You are so pretty. I love the hair do. I can't wait to hear more about the event. Oh! And canned meat is great, if it's real. I used chicken breasts and venison in the canning I did. I'll have to give ya a bottle sometime. It's really good and it's already cooked so, you just add it to any meal an wa-la your dinner is ready! Next to how good it tastes, the easiness is my 2nd favorite reason why I canned it.