Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 27


Well I grew up having pets, lots of pets. When I was born my fam already had a 1/2 great Dane, 1/2 Black Lab named Kieshma, he was huge. He had a lil yorkeshire terrier side kick named Yorkie, they were the best of friends.

Then when they passed we got a lil maltese named Titus, he was pretty cute but a fam pet and I wasn't to into him. My bro and I saved a cat named Boomer and nursed him back to health when we were maybe 10. Then for my 12th Bday I got a cat named Gizmo it got ran over :( But again I still wasn't really into them.

We got lil Chicks and bunnies one year for Easter they grew up the bunnies did what they did best and gave us lots of furry friends and the Chicks laid our eggs. We also had a Shetland pony at one time all these animals and no we didn't live on a farm. I tried a iguana named shamrock out, a turtle, and a hamster named peaches even a bird (GROSS!!!! Not sure what I was thinking). I am sure there were more but I can't think of them, we eventually gave them all away to better homes/farms. I was definitely not a pet person.

NO more animals, except my mom/grammas cat named Miss Priss who was actually a kitten from Gizmo small world ;)

Again I had little interest, I am def not a cat person plus "I'm allergic" sorry to all you cat lovers. You'll also find it pretty nuts I am not really a dog person either. Sure they are cute and I do like some of the dogs I know, but really my heart only belongs to the Pug breed! Crazy... I know but something about them, or maybe its not the Pug breed at all. All I know is some way and some how these two lil pugs of mine captured my heart, not sure how they did it but they did.

They are my babies and I love them SO. They ALWAYS make me laugh, smile, keep me company, keep my lap warm, the are my lil shadows even on a cloudy day! I love my Babies!!!!


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Formerly known as Frau said...

Not a pet person either but my Sophie my heart belongs to!