Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wish I may, I wish I might!!

Day 29 of the Blog Challenge

3 Wishes

First why is it always only 3 wishes?!?!?

With only 3 wishes you have to get creative...

Wish #1

To have ALL diseases that begin with the letter C cured take that CF and Cancer!! CURED!!!! NO more disease! That sounds much better!

Wish #2

For all my family and friends to be stress and worry free with unlimited income for all things necessary.

Wish #3

To have 3 more wishes. I hope this doesn't make me selfish but these wishes will benefit others too. ;)

Extra Wish #1

To meet and Get to know Madonna ( Not sure how this will benefit others tho ;) )

Extra Wish #2

To be able to travel the world by Beam... Like in Star Trek you think of a place and then BAM you are there.

Extra Wish #3 

To have a device invented that you could put on your dogs collars that would make them have the ability to talk.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I like your wishes but the talking dog I don't want to hear at 5:00 am I have to pee wake up Mom!! :)

The Halls said...

Extra Wish #3 is from "UP"....I love it!

FallonElla said...

Summer, I came across another bloggers post that I felt like you might be interested in

I'm going to link her to your blog as well, as I feel you offer a ton of inspiration to others! xo