Friday, March 4, 2011

L is for the way you look at me!♥

Ok Day 3 of the blog Challenge

My First Love

Hmmm how to interpret this one?...

Well I could talk about my first kiss which was at CF camp I think I was 8 and had a crush on this boy Sam. His family owned the camp grounds and worked there he was about 12, we kissed the very last day of camp... Wonder what  ever happened to him?

Or my crush on Bo from Days of our Lives, again I was about 8. I was quite the lil flirt when I was lil. My mom watched this show everyday so naturally I got hooked. I cried when he married Hope and even took pictures of the tv screen when they sailed off on their yacht for their honeymoon.... Pathetic!

But I think I will interpret it a lil more literal and talk about my real first love.... Oscar Love! And what a love he is.

I am lucky to have two loves but Oscar was born 11 months before Lilly so that makes him my first love.

My lil guy is gong to be 7 June 3, I can't believe it. He is such a good baby, he has so many great qualities he is very caring and a very protective of both Lilly and I. If Lilly is on my lap he will just sit on the floor and stare at me til I invite him up. He loves to cuddle and is always following me wherever I go. I have my very own body guard.

My friend Cindy gave me the cutest pug boy and girl salt and pepper shakers, the boy is suppose to have pepper in it but I had to put salt in him Lilly is definitely Pepper and Osc is definitely salt. So easy going and simple. It's crazy how different they both are.

I love when I play ball with the babies I have to keep Osc focused on catching it. Lilly does most the fetching, Osc gets distracted with the grass or the different smells. Its so funny to watch them. Here he is eating grass.

If Osc ever is in trouble which is rare but if I get mad at him he will go hide under my bed for 30-40 min. Or until I go get him and give him loves and tell him he's forgiven, it's so cute. Honestly I think my pugs could have some human in them ;)

My Buds, Buppy, Osc, Oscy.... Body Guard, protector. You are the best First Love Ever! Thank you for always making me smile and loving me no matter what. I love you Oscar Love! 


Formerly known as Frau said...

Love your love Oscar!

Mistie said...

ahhhhhh. Oscar IS such a little love. happy you have him in your life. And i love you took a picture of the screen of Bo and Hope sailing into the sunset. Hilarious. I had a stage of watching the show. maybe middle school? And Bo was a babe. :)