Sunday, March 6, 2011

O Brother(s)

Day 5 of the blogging challenge

My Siblings

Well I feel like I won the lottery with my Bros too. Basically I am blessed beyond measure when it comes to my family.

I love my Bros so much! Both of my Bros are very protective of me, we pretty much all have each others backs. We 3 butt heads sometimes but hey we are siblings it's our job to keep each other on our toes. I love them both and am lucky to be their sister. I love being the only girl in the fam. I am the lil princess... Just ask my bros I think they would agree ;)

Shane my older bro is 13 months older than me, we are Irish twins ;) We have always been close I have so many great memories of us growing up and am so excited when we get to make new ones. Some of my fav memories that I have off the top of my head are watching storms together on his multicolored animal blanket in front of the sliding glass door, Finding Boomer his cat and nursing him back to health, hanging out with him and his friends. (I am sure I was the annoying sis that tagged along but he didn't mind)

I am so proud of the man Shane has become he is an Amazing husband and Dad. I love watching him be a dad and seeing how he interacts with McNoodle and River it makes me smile from ear to ear. I wish nothing but the best for my brother and I am so happy he has his cute lil Family.

Shelby my lil bro is 6 years younger then me, he is the baby of the fam. When Shelby came to the fam I was in love at first sight my baby brother was so cute! The  curly blonde hair and dimples in his cheeks melted my heart. Poor kid I def thought I was the boss of him growing up. I loved how I could trick him to clean my room by timing him.... The timing trick works all the time because all lil kids want to be the fastest. He was funny growing up and thought he was very tough. I let him tag a long with my friends and I, he didn't want to a lot but when he did I obliged.

The day I became a BIG SIS!

I am very proud of Shelbs too. He is going to school and even tho he has turned schooling into quite the career I know he will finish it. I love when I get to see my Lil bro and hang out with him. We always have a lot of fun together. 

Nothing is more important then some good quality family time. 

Shane and Shelby 
Thanks for being great brothers to me and always putting up with my princess like ways ;) I love you both and am so proud to be your sister. Know I am always here for both of you!


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Formerly known as Frau said...

Ah they are just as lucky to have you as you them! I love the pictures when you guys are little brings back memories!