Saturday, March 5, 2011

I won the Lottery...

the Parent Lottery!!!!

Day 4 of the Blog Challenge


So yes it's true when I was born I won the parent lottery! I am so very blessed to have the most Awesome, Incredible, Strong, Marvelous, Caring, Perfek, Phenomenal, Spectacular, Truly Amazing, Unbelievably wonderful parents. There are so many other words that come to mind but I think you guys get the picture. My Parents are my world, I love them with all my heart!!

I appreciate EVERYTHING they do for me! They are ALWAYS there for me. For instance; just one example that comes to mind is how they make time in the joint bearable, they always make sure I am never alone. My mom takes the day shifts and my Dad takes the night shifts. When I was little they would take turns spending the night. I can barely sleep in there so I know they couldn't of slept a wink. I am so very grateful for the time we spend together there, even if we are doing our own thing at times just knowing they are there is so comforting.

Basically, if its helping me kill a spider, or spraying a hornet nest, (remember my 2 worst fears bees and spiders) or picking me up or dropping me off, touching door handles, pushing the shopping cart, helping me flush my port, changing air filters, emptying the vacuum, spraying my paintings, daily phone calls, basically dropping everything at the drop of a hat if I need them to. I could go on and on the list is endless. I can ALWAYS count on them, I hope they know they can ALWAYS count on me too.

Mom, Dad~
I love you guys SO VERY MUCH!!! I am so blessed to have you as parents. I thank God everyday for both of you. I love you both infinity!!!! Mom~ XOXOXOXOX and Dad~ 8+8!! Thanks for being the best parents EVER!

love ALWAYS your lil girl


Formerly known as Frau said...

Omg what a wonderful tribute! Your parents are pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nice tribute Somer! And I'm sure they feel the same about you too!! BTW, you were really cute!