Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 13


I have many goals, daily goals, long term goals, and many dreams and let's not forget my bucket list. I feel all these in a way are the same. I have been fortunate to achieve some of my goals and check things off my bucket list but my lists are growing and I need to be more diligent about achieving and crossing things off.

I like achieving things at my own pace tho and am in no hurry to check everything off. Having something to look forward to is important.

I was telling my friend Kathy who is also doing this challenge on her blog you can find that here. That putting your goals out there can be lots of pressure and added stress, so I will just keep them to myself. I'll share them as I check off my list. However, I was recently asked what my goal was for my future and  responded with, I want to be an old lady with gray hair and lots of wrinkles and not use any botox :)

***I am taking Lills in today to get 2 spots looked at I am hoping she won't need another surgery but unfortunately I am getting good at spotting the mast cell tumors, I dislike them very much. So send her some good ju ju that her damn cancer has not returned. I also dislike the C word very much!


Melissa White said...

I love your blog challenge and reading all your posts! I'm really considering doing it but I. Don't think I could stick with it! Keep it up!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I agree with you...I want to be an old jewish women living in Boca Raton Fl. wearing my gold LA gears chasing the pool boys!lol! Hope Lils is okay! xo